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Jazz-November 2010:
Sabir Mateen’s Omni Sound


Sa. 27. November 2010
um 23:00 Uhr




Jazzforum Bayreuth e.V.

Mit „Omni Sound“ sind vier zentrale Musiker der New Yorker Impro-Szene zu Gast, deren Hauptaugenmerk auf der schwarzen Jazztradition liegt.
Sabir Mateen war lange Zeit Mitglied von „Parliament / Funkadelic“ und arbeitet auch mit Thurston Moore („Sonic Youth“) im Projekt „TEST“. Warren Smith hat u.a. durch seine Zusammenarbeit mit Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, oder Marvin Gaye Rock- und Soulgeschichte mitgeschrieben. Hilliard Greene war lange Zeit musikalischer Mitstreiter von Charles Gayle. Matt Lavelles Aktionsradius ist ebenfalls beeindruckend, stellvertretend sei seine Mitwirkung in William Parkers „Little Huey Orchestra“ genannt.

Sabir Mateen (ts, as, cl)
Matt Lavelle (tp, flh, bcl)
Hill Greene (db)
Warren Smith (dr)

Sabir Mateen is a musician and composer from Philadelphia who plays primarily in the avant-garde jazz idiom. He plays tenor and alto saxophone, B? and alto clarinet, and flute.
As a young man, Mateen was originally a percussionist, and he started playing flute as a teenager. From there he moved to alto and then tenor saxophone. He started out playing rhythm and blues in the early 1970s which led him to the tenor saxophone chair of the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. He has performed or recorded with Cecil Taylor, Sunny Murray, William Parker, Alan Silva, Butch and Wilber Morris, Raphe Malik, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell, Jr., Matthew Shipp, Marc Edwards, Jemeel Moondoc, William Hooker, Henry Grimes, Rashid Bakr, among others. He also is a member of the band TEST, with Daniel Carter.
Tenor, alto saxophonist, Bb clarinetist, alto clarinetist, flutist, composer, Sabir Mateen, born in Philadelphia, has been a musician most of his life. Starting in the Philadelphia area as a percussionist, he started playing flute as a teenager.Gradually evovling from alto to tenor saxophone, he has been through a number of musical transformations. He started out playing rhythm and blues in the early ’70s which led him to the tenor saxophone chair of the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. From there he has or is performing with Cecil Taylor, Sunny Murray, William Parker, Alan Silva, Butch &Wilber Morris, Raphe Malik, Steve Swell, Mark Whitecage, Roy Campbell, Matthew Shipp, Marc Edwards, Jemeel Moondoc, William Hooker, Henry Grimes, Rashid Bakr, Kali Fasteau and numerous others. He also is a member of the cooperative band TEST. Sabir also performs with, Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, William Parker’s Inside The Music Of Curtis Mayfield, Earth People, the Downtown Horns and The East 3rd Street Ensemble. He is the leader of „The Sabir Mateen Quintet“, Shapes Textures & Sound Ensemble, The Omni-Sound, and other bands.

Warren Smith’s reputation as a dynamic leader of a vibrant and creative ensemble often overshadows his abilities as a composer, arranger and percussionist. His exemplary technical skills, whether behind a battery of drums or the vibes, complement a marvelous intuition for rhythm and harmony. A consummate musician, Smith knows when and how to put the heat to a rhythm section, and where to be an unobtrusive and delicate accompanist.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Warren I. Smith, Jr. (W.I.S. to the people close to him) entered the professional music world at the early age of fourteen, working in various family bands in the late 1940’s and later in the mid-50’s with Captain Waiter H. Dyett’s concert and marching bands. Warren Smith has firm roots grounded in the Chicago south side music scene. Along with other emissaries & visionaries such as Johnny Griffin, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Music (AACM)- including Lester Bowie, Don Moye Amina Myers, Joseph Jarman, et al., and a host of other jazz and blues players from the era, Warren is a part of an essential element in the development and definition of Afro-American music.
Warren relocated to New York City in 1957, and completed his Masters of Music at the Manhattan School of Music in 1958. That same year brought his first jazz gig in New York City with Kenny Burrell at Minton’s Play House. W.I.S. played Birdland in 1959 with Gil Evans, and from 1960-1972 worked regularly with Johnny Richards‘ Bigband. It was around that time that Warren began extensive work both in the studios and on Broadway. To his credit are the original Broadway and road production and the 2nd Broadway run of West Side Story; Lena Home- The Lady and Her Music and Jelly’s Last Jam (on the life of Jelly Roll Morton).
Though already an articulate voice within the jazz community, Warren Smith found himself deep inside the Motown scene throughout the 1960’s and 70’s. Being the unsung percussionist on the scene with Bernard Purdie, Warren played on all the early Gladys Knight and the Pips‘ 45 hit singles; performed on numerous occasions with Dionne Warwick; did several tours, recording sessions and TV dates with Harry Bellafonte; backed up Nat King Cole on his 8 week summer tour of New England, 1964; played the R n R shows with Murray the K. in Brooklyn; toured with Barbara Streisand throughout U.S. in 1965; worked on the ABC, New York, staff orchestra 1964-67 – including the Jimmy Dean Show and the Les Crane/Nippsy Russell Show; recorded on the only collaborative album done by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell; musical director of Janis Joplin in 1969 – playing the Ed Sullivan Show, the San Francisco Ice Palace and the only Europe tour; recorded, toured and did live TV performances with Aretha Franklin from 1965-1978, including a performance at the 1971 Montreaux Jazz Festival- which he also played with Tony Williams Lifetime Ego that same year.
Concurrent with his extensive Motown and studio work, Warren Smith began to teach at Adelphi University in 1969 and later at the State University of New York, Old Westbury in 1971, where he has remained as a tenured professor in the music department. Never loosing sight however of his roots, throughout such a diversified performance career, Warren has remained a prominent percussionist and drummer within the Jazz world. Performing, touring and recording with every progressive – from Charles Mingus to Miles Davis, from Muhal Richard Abrams to Sam Rivers, Max Roach, M’Boom, Jabbo Ware, David Murray, Sonny Sharock, Anthony Davis and too many other masters to encapsulate here. A book would be needed to fully cover this man’s history.
Currently Warren is working with Jack Jeffers New York Classic, Jabbo Ware’s Me, We and Them Orchestra, and several other small groups, both locally on the New York scene and internationally. He is leading his 30 plus year established Composers Workshop Ensemble, and does numerous solo, duet and trio performances and recordings. As well, Warren Smith continues to teach music at S.U.N.Y. Old Westbury and directs Chelsea Performing Arts – Studio W.I.S. – his non-profit performance/ rehearsal space in Manhattan.

Hilliard Greene has been studying music for more than 30 years and has been playing professionally over twenty. His emphasis is in classical, jazz, rock, blues, R&B, Tango as well as the music of other continents and US regions. Currently he is concentrating on solo performance.
Greene studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and the University of Northern Iowa. He has been teaching private students and classes for over 25 years. He is currently a full-time faculty member at the Bass Collective in New York City. He continues to teach privately in doing workshops and master classes in upright and electric bass for both children and adults.
Greene performs widely in the New York City area in recitals, nightclubs, and recordings, and on television and radio programs. He has appeared in major cities throughout Europe, United States, Asia and South America.
Greene has performed and/or recorded with Jimmy Scott, currently serving as his Musical Director and with Cecil Taylor where he was Concert Master for his group “Phtongos”. He has also worked with Gloria Lynne, Jacky Terrasson, The Inkspots, Rashied Ali, Leroy Jenkins, Jimmy Ponder, Eddie Gladden, Nipsy Russell, Vanessa Rubin, Yoron Israel, Cindy Blackman, Electric Symphony, Charles Gayle, Jack Walrath, Don Pullen, Dave Douglas, Bobby Watson, Greg Osby, Kenny Barron, Joanne Brackeen, Carla Cook, Josh Roseman, John Hicks, Village Vanguard Orchestra, Oscar Brown Jr., Daniel Carter, Warren Smith, Howard Johnson, Lucian Ban, Alex Harding, T.K. Blue, John Esposito, Eddie Gale, Bobby Few, Sabir Mateen, Perry Robinson, Frank Lacy, Roy Campbell Jr., Perry Robinson, Lenore Raphael, George Haslam, Barry Altschul, Steve Swell, Gebhard Ullman, Petras Vysniauskas, Vijay Iyer, Matana Roberts, Klaus Kugel, Billy Bang, Jason Moran and The Jazz Expressions. As a band leader produced three CD’s under with his own ensemble The Jazz Expressions and a solo bass CD entitled “Alone.”

Matt Lavelle (Paterson NJ 1970), began his Music career with a High School Big Band tour of the Soviet Union in 1988, and then a 5 year period of study with Hildred Humphries, a Swing era veteran that played with Count Basie, Billie Holiday, and many others of the time. Lavelle played Trumpet during this time as a member of Hildred’s band. Lavelle then made his move on New York City to go through the trials of all new Jazz musicians, and played straightahead jazz until 1995, when he relocated to Kingston New York and immersed himself in the study of the Bass-clarinet, keeping the trumpet going creating the only known successful double of these two challenging instruments. Lavelle returned to New York seeking out what is known as the Downtown community in 1999, which he has been a member of to this day. Along the way Lavelle has played with William Parker, which also consisted of a tour in Sardinia Italy, Sabir Mateen, consisting of a tour of Northern Italy, and also toured in Scotland with his own trio, an improvisation collective known as Eye Contact. Lavelle began study with Ornette Coleman in 2005, having a huge impact and transformational impact on the musician, also resulting in the addition of the Alto Clarinet as another voice. With over 10 appearances as a sideman on record.
Lavelle has four records released by himself as a leader: Handling the Moment (2002), Trumpet Rising, Bass Clarinet Moon (2004), Spiritual Power (2006), and the Manifestation Drama (2009). Of special note is the record Spiritual Power, top 10 in the Village Voice, with critical acclaim internationally. Lavelle has played and collaborated with Ornette Coleman, William Parker, Eric Mingus, Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Jemeel Moondoc ,Mat Maneri, Ras Moshe, and many others. Of particular note, Lavelle was key in the resurgence and return of avant jazz man Giuseppi Logan,helping him return to playing after a 45 year absence, and recording a new record released in spring 2010.